Commission Prices

*commission prices are subject to change and are ultimately up to the artist, depending on a photo by photo basis - the table below provides a rough estimation on graphite drawings - other sizes available upon request

Data table with prices of graphite drawings corresponding with how many animals are in each drawing
Dog paw icon 8" x 10" 9" x 12" 11" x 14"
1 animal $40 $50 $60
1 animal + background $50 $60 $70
2 animals $50 $60 $70
2 animals + background $60 $70 $80
3+ animals Get a Quote
Shipping $5

Other Products


$5\ea or 3 for $10

Card with upper portion of husky face with eyes the focus 5" x 3.5" Dog Eyes Blank Card
Closeup drawing of white cat's face on a card 5" x 3.5" Cat Blank Card
Card with drawing of a deer 4" x 5.5" Deer Blank Card
Closeup of a black lab nose on a card 4" x 5.5" Dog Nose Blank Card


Large: $8 Small: $5

Horse and dog nose to nose in a barn drawing as a landscape print 8.5" x 11" Large Horse & Dog Signed Print
4 mulit-coloured horses on a landscape print 8.5" x 11" Large Horses Signed Print
Two multi-coloured cats sitting atop each other in a chair drawing as a portrait print 5" x 7" Small Cats Signed Print
Smiling german shepherd drawing as a portrait print 5" x 7" German Shepherd Signed Print
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